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SHOUTcast Copy & Paste Widgets + Free Website Builder

SHOUTcast Widgets is your EASY ALL IN ONE SOLUTION to providing your listeners with a high quality website including the very latest HTML5 Media Player, the Last.FM API which displays each artist's image along with their biography summary, easy content manager with drag and drop widgets and best of all there is NO CODING REQUIRED!

NEW April 2016 - TALK LIVE ON AUTO DJ! Learn More about this amazing new SHOUTcast Widgets feature

Demo our latest Pop-Up Player! Fully responsive design (works in all browsers), HTML5 Player with automated Flash Backup, player window is easy to customize with your choice of colors, fonts, styles, and more! Includes built in weather widget (set to your local location or detect location of user), uses jQuery coding and AJAX for automatically refreshing

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Multiple Players -- One Line of Code

With all the different browser and o/s types sucs as iPhone or Android, it can be hard to find a SHOUTcast player that is fully compatible with every device. We've combined the top players with the very latest in features and compatibility with a single line of code with the ablity to quickly switch players with a single click!
All of the HTML5 players have flash fallback, which means if the users browser does not support HTML5, it will automatically switch to the flash version.

SHOUTcast Widgets gives you several different choices as to which player type you choose to use on your website (jPlayer, Muses Player, JWPlayer, SoundManager2). Simply copy/paste the single line of code into your website, toggle between the different players with a single click.
NOTE!! While all of these players are already free, installation can be a pain for some, SHOUTcast Widgets makes it easy!

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SHOUTcast Widgets
Public Directory

Public Directory

All SHOUTcast Widgets clients can choose to be listed in the public directory, or go into private mode and hide all linkbacks or mention of SHOUTcast Widgets on your website. You can view all active SHOUTcast Widgets clients that choose to list their streams in the Public Directory.

Latest News and Updates
Facebook Like Song Issue Friday June 24, 2016
New HTML5 Player Added Thursday January 21, 2016
Mobile Website Builder Free Trial Wednesday December 30, 2015
Event Manager Errors Tuesday December 29, 2015
currently playing shoutcast
Currently Playing Widget

With the Currently Playing SHOUTcast Widget, each Artist's Image and Biography is pulled from the Last FM Database and displayed in the widget window in real time. SHOUTcast Widgets takes this to the next level with the ability to edit each artist's details, include custom links, colors, fonts, etc. For your station id's, drops or ads your able to also edit each & upload a custom photo.
Unlike other widgets such as the one built into Centova Cast, SHOUTcast Widgets gives you the options of making every single song that plays and is displayed on your online radio station website look perfect! Incorrect mp3tags, promos, station id's can all present a challenge to the true professional look your after, SHOUTcast Widgets is your answer!

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Easily Embed with a Single Line of Code for each Widget

embed codeEach widget has just one line of code which you can easily embed into your website, Wordpress, Joomla, most any website builder, or any page that allows you to embed content, just like you would embed a YouTube video. Our widgets are designed so you can stack multiple widgets on top of each other without conflict.
If your not sure if your website builder allows you to include HTML we recommend you first try the sample code.

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DJ Manager & Scheduler with Calendar

SHOUTcast Widget's DJ Manager stores each of your DJ's details such as upcoming show times, links to their Facebook/Twitter pages, photo and more. DJ's are showcased in the DJ Carousel which rotates all your dj's photos and names which are also clickable to display the complete dj profile.
In addition the new Timeline Widget updates throughout the day with the current and upcoming show including the dj assigned to the event.

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currently playing shoutcast

TuneIn Radio Hosted API Solution

tune in radio

If your station is listed in the Tune In Directory (free listings), you can also take advantage of their AIR API which updates your stations listing in real time, this way, when listeners browse for a station, they are also able to see what song is playing. This has proven to grow just about any online radio station almost over night (literally).
SHOUTcast Widgets now includes this popular add on free with any SHOUTcast Widgets Package!

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Easy, Easy , Easy!

Your SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast KS server IP/Hostname, port number & server password is all that's required to set up your SHOUTcast Widgets Server Settings. If your using SHOUTcast Widgets as your main website through the included website builder, you'll find creating and managing your website just as easy. From uploading images to adding social network traffic generating tools - SHOUTcast Widgets with 32ONE Website Builder is your EASY solution to a high quality SHOUTcast Website!

Statics and Geographical Data

Each visitor to any widget or the included website builder are loged and processed into easy to understand data so you know exactly where your visitors are from, the type of web browser they use, their operating system type and more.

stats shoutcast

A SHOUTcast Widget package includes both website builder + copy/paste widgets such as currently playing track, SHOUTcast / Icecast media players with selection of themes, built in ad system and much more!

Professional SHOUTcast Hosting + Auto Dj
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With Complete Online Radio Packages with Auto DJ + SHOUTcast Servers from $2.99/month!

My Auto DJ provides quality SHOUTcast and Icecast Hosting with either the populay Centova Cast v3 or WHMSonic Control Panels
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Free Template Based Website Buider
free website builder

Don't have a website yet? Use our included template based website builder with unlimited pages!

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Using the built in WYSIWYG editor you can easily embed You Tube Videos, chat rooms or even more SHOUTcast Widgets!

  • currently playing widget
  • general settings page
  • dj manager
  • profile
  • page manaager
  • test ad manager

The Control Panel

Built with the beginner in mind, the SHOUTcast Widgets Control Panel is a web based system with advanced features and simple to understand tools and options. Simply enter your SHOUTcast or Icecast server ip address or host name, the port number, the server admin password and the server type, either SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast.

All SHOUTcast Widgets Pacakges are set up instantly and pre-configered with the most common settings, all that is required by you is your SHOUTcast or Icecast server IP address, Port number and Server Password.

Setup was a breeze, I had my website up and playing music in less than 60 seconds, from the time I completed payment to visiing my new custom url in my mobile phone... amazing! Thanks SHOUTcast Widgets!


Detailed Geography Statistics

Each visitor to your website is logged and their browser type, location, operating system type and visits are logged and available for export

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DJ Scheduler

Schedule and Create DJs Custom Profiles

Create a custom profile with image, schedule, social links and more for each of your DJs which can then be displayed on your website

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Aritst Profiles

Powered by the LastFM API

For each artist that is played on your stream, SHOUTcast Widgets will pull the artist image and biography which your also able to edit

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Sell Text Ads

Fully Automated Advertising Solution

Choose either Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impressions Text Ads, Funds go stright to your PayPal or bank account!

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SHOUTcast Widgets

Widgets for your Online Radio Station!

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Currently Playing Sample Code

Copy/Paste the below code into your website or blog, you may need to toggle the SOURCE, or HTML view of your text editor.