NEW for Fall 2018 - Free SHOUTcast/Icecast SSL Proxy

All accounts now include our SSL Proxy converter which converts your non-secure SHOUTcast or Icecast listen and play links from http:// stream URL to https:// -- Get rid of that SSL warning on your web page for displaying non secure content. We offer instant set up and activation! Learn More

Our new 2018 DJ Panel allows you to talk over auto dj, introduce the upcoming tracks, quickly play any track/drop and view detailed stats with a playlist of the last 500 tracks including the amount of listeners with each! View Screenshots

We've also completely re-coded the very popular Smart Mix Auto Dj which works with Centova Cast to automatically produce a fresh mix every 30 minutes based on what your listeners like/dis-like. SmartMix is now smarter than ever!

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SHOUTcast Copy and Paste Widgets + Free Optional Website Builder

SHOUTcast Widgets is your EASY all in one solution to providing your listeners with the hottest widgets featuing latest in javascript coding, multiple HTML5 players, easy single line of code with IFRAME and J/S options.

Multiple Players -- One Line of Code

With all the different browsers and devices out there , it can be hard to find a SHOUTcast player that is fully compatible with every device plus match your website design. We've combined the top players with the very latest in features and compatibility with a single line of code with the ablity to quickly switch players with a single click so you can easily find the one that is right your your application.
All of the HTML5 players have flash fallback, which means if the users browser does not support HTML5, it will automatically switch to the flash version

Artist Biography

Artist Profile Editor

Each time a song plays, a file is created in your account that automatically includes a photo of the artist and their biography!

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DJ Events Timeline

Event Scheduler

Schedule your Morning Show or your Sunday Slow Jams, assign them to a DJ and let SHOUTcast Widgtes take over!

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Centova v3

Centova Integeration

Introduce the next track, talk over auto dj, automated request system with song selection, all included with optional Centova v3 integration.

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Tune In Radio


This popular feature will automticlly notify the Tune In API when a new song plays and quickly get your station more and more listeners!

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About SHOUTcast Widgets

Developed, managed and sold exclusively by My Auto Dj, SHOUTcast Widgets is your fast and easy solution for including dynamic now playing widgets and other popular features in your Wordpress, Forum/Blog, Website Builder, mobile, or any appliation that allows you to embed HTML code.
Don't have a Website? SHOUTcast Widgets also provides a optional template based website builder with 100% Responsive Design.

Order SHOUTcast Widgets Now! Instant Setup and Activation!