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Fully Responsive & Secure
Display the currently playing track, artist, last played tracks, current DJ and event and even the weather to your website visitors. Read more
Custom colors, Google fonts and visualizer type are all options with this very easy and customizable player code generator. Read more
SHOUTcast Widgets offers multiple types of widgets to inform visitors of the current online dj, event and more. Read more
SHOUTcast Widgets included website builder comes fully integrated with your SHOUTcast or Icecast stream. Read more
All your DJs get their own custom profile page, are able to offer bookings and get paid - if you allow. Read more
Easily view and manage your network, status, plugins and more with the one of a kind SHOUTcast Widgets Stream Tree. Read more

Free HTML Player Generator

Create your free and fully responsive HTML5 SHOUTcast or Icecast player
Works with both secure and non-secure streams.

Questions About SHOUTcast Widgets
What is a SHOUTcast Widget ?

SHOUTcast Widgets is a type of add on for your current SHOUTcast (or Icecast) stream. SHOUTcast Widgets offers several types of Copy/Paste Widgets you can embed into your current website.
Don't have a website? No problem! SHOUTcast Widgets also offers a full website builder complete with page manager, WYSIWYG editor and of course built in SHOUTcast Widgets!

What's required for SHOUTcast Widgets ?

Any version of any SHOUTcast or Icecast stream will work however some of the newer widgets such as the Targetspot Plugin require SHOUTcast version 2.6 and above.
The panel and all widgets work in any modern browser, and many older ones too.

How easy is it to set up a new SHOUTcast Widgets package?

Works Out The Box! All new SHOUTcast Widgets packages come pre set up with 4 events to cover all 24 hours of each day, a DJ Admin account (you), a sample stream already running, and any basic settings that are required to funtion.
Once logged into your new panel, click on Server Settings on the left and add your stream to the advanced stream tree.

SHOUTcast Widgets Info

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