Centova Cast Integration

We've made use of Centova's API to provide advanced features such as the ability to Talk Over Auto Dj or Introduce the Next Track, quickly play any track in your media library, provide your listeners FULLY automated request system with a selectable list of tracks, realtime stats from your Centova panel and more.

Centova API

Centova Cast Auto Dj + SSD Clouds

Complete Auto Dj + SHOUTcast v2 Server Packages

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Centova Cast Auto Dj

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Centoa Cast has been the leader in SHOUTcast & Icecast Automation for nearly 10 years! It's unique control panel puts you in control of your stream(s), from unlimited playlists to FTP mp3 uploads, Centova Cast is the top choice of amature and professional online radio stations worldwide!

  • Supports SHOUTcast v1/v2 & Icecast
  • DJ Account Support
  • Album Cover Services
  • Web-based File Management & mp3 Uploads
  • Automated Song Requests Widget
  • Multiple Mount Points / Individual autoDJ encoders
  • MP3 and/or AAC+
  • Crossfade Threshold & Crossfade Length OptionsCrossfade Threshold & Crossfade Length Options
  • Google Maps Widget

Centova DJ Manager - Seamless Automatic to Live Switching

The new DJ Manager allows you to create a unique username and password for each of your dj's. There are 2 different ways your dj's can use their dj account, 1. The dj will use their login details to connect to your server in their live source software (ie. Sam Broadcaster, WinAmp Broadcaster, Virtual DJ, Nicecast, etc.). This is, by far the most popular feature with Centova v3, even though the server is SHOUTcast v2, dj's are able to connect using either SHOUTcast v1 or SHOUTcast v2 method, this comes in handy for dj's that do not yet have SHOUTcast v2 compatable software. 2. The dj can also use the same username and password you create for them to login to your Centova v3 control panel. You choose what the dj can do and when they can do it!

Centova Cast DOCS

Learn all there is to know about the popular Cetnvoa v3

View Centova v3 DOCS

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