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Free HTML5 Player Generator

html5 shoutcast player

Nice Player ... Right?? NOT! This is just the very basic HTML5 player included with most all modern browsers and will look a little different in Firefox then it does in Edge or Chrome. You can run a web search and find plenty of players with multiple color and style choices, and spend hours trying to get the players installed at that! SHOUTcast widgets makes it easy to embed any of the premium players with a single line of code and a simple web panel interface to change colors or styles at the drop of a dime!

Working Demo

Demo of HTML5 player with AAC+ stream. HTML5 players work cross-browser and multi devices.

View Demo

New Dashboard for Fall 2018!

drag able widgets

drag able widgets

Looking for a premium player? SHOUTcast Widgets includes the hottest HTML5 SHOUTcast/Icecast Players featuring a single bit of copy/paste code, the ability to quikly change players, toggle autostart on/off, colors, styles and more all from your SHOUTcast Admin panel. SHOUTcast Widgets also includes a built in website builder with 100% responsive design, currently playing artist information, dj crousel and much more! Click to View Live Demo

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