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Easy Copy Paste Widgets

It's easy to include any of our copy/paste widgets into most any website builder, Wordpress, Joomla, or any web development software that allows you to include code in the <SOURCE> or <HTML> of your web page(s). If your able to embed a You Tube video, our widgets will work with your project! We have several different types of copy/paste widgets available, here are a few of the more popular you'll find in the widgets section of your control panel.

The Widgets

artist photos

The Artist Profile System automatically creates a file each time a song plays on your stream with the artist photo and biography. SHOUTcast Widgets allows you to make changes to the information if you like, as well as display it on your website through several different styles and types of widgets and in the built in website builder.
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Each widget has just one line of code which you can easily embed into your website, Wordpress, Joomla, most any website builder, or any page that allows you to embed content, just like you would embed a YouTube video. Our widgets are designed so you can stack multiple widgets on top of each other without conflict. If your not sure if your website builder allows you to include HTML we recommend you first try the sample code.

Works With

  • Wordpress, any blog that allows you to embed HTML
  • vBulletin, Invision Power Board, phpBB, Simple Machines Forum (SMF), bbPress or any forum that allows the ADMIN to include HTML
  • Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, Yola, Squarespace, 1&1, GoDaddy or any website builder that allows you to embed HTML
  • Android and iPhone Apps using J/S code option
  • Any application that allows you to embed either IFRAME or Javascript

Test on Your Website!

The code below is for the Responsive Currently Playing Track with Artist Widget. Simply copy/paste the below code into your website or blog, you may need to toggle the SOURCE, or HTML view of your text editor.

Sample IFRAME Code

IFRAME Code Works in just about any browser, both mobile and standard sizes, and is a fairly common way to embed content from a remote site/application. However, IFRAME code does not work in mobile application development for Android or iPhone, it's recommended you use the JAVA SCRIPT code in these situations.

Sample Java Script Code

The correct way to install this widgets is using the Javascript Code below, which can be seen by the search engines and works with mobile devices and software. Unfortunately it won't work with all situations and could cause a conflict to other j/s objects on the page or the css(colors/styles). In this case you should use the IFRAME code above.

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