Currently Playing Artist Profiles

last fm api

SHOUTcast Widgets will automatically fetch and display each artist's image and short biography from the Last FM API. SHOUTcast widgets will then allow you to edit each artist and build the performers public stage, which will automatically be displayed whenever any of their songs are played. Make changes to each artist's bio using the built in wysiwyg editor. Your also able to edit each of your station id's or ads you may have running including a custom image for each! Easily view your entire library and which artists may have missing information. This is complete customization at it's max!


The Currently Playing Window

Using the Last.FM API, SHOUTcast Widgets will pull the image and biography for each artist that is played on your stream, and store them into a database to prevent repeated calls to the Last.FM API. This method also allows you to make changes to the data using the SHOUTcast Widgets Panel The end result is a dynamic jQuery stage that comes in different sizes and styles. Below is the default currently playing stage that's avaliable in both the website builder and as a copy/paste widget. This widget is also built into other SHOUTcast Widgets features such as the built in website builder templates, and a smaller version in the Mobile Browser Website

Currently Playing Artist Generator

Just embed the code into your project and control from the SHOUTcast Widgets ADMIN panel in realtime! Below is a screenshot from the panel featuring easy to use and understand controls to match your current website styles and colors.

currently playing widget

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