SHOUTcast Widgets Auto Tweeter!


Included with SHOUTcast Widgets is this powerful marketing option that will automatically tweet the current playing song and artist along with 2 custom hashtags and a link back to your website every "X" amount of songs!

  • New 2017! Realtime Status Updates
  • Flood Control
  • Enter your own custom #HashTags #ListenNow #NowPlaying
  • Set to auto post every 1 - 25 songs
  • Easily enable and disable autoposter from your SHOUTcast Widgets panel

Twitter Auto Poster Set-Up Instructions

1. Goto (make sure your logged into Twitter) and click on "Create New App"
2. Under Name enter and title you like (ie. Twitter Auto Song Poster)
3. Under Description enter anything you like (note only you will see this it will not be seen by website or Twitter users)

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Unknown Caller?

Find out who the caller with the unknown number is
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