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Or you are still welcome to use the older player generator below....

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Free HTML5 Player Generator SHOUTcast Icecast

Just change the Stream URL below to your SHOUTcast or Icecast stream and click update to begin. You will find the final copy/paste code below.

Copy/Paste Code

Player Information and Tips

For the most part, Auto Play is disabled on most mobile devices (browsers) and may require the user to click the play button more then once to begin play if enabled.
Since the majority of your listeners will be on mobile devices, it is highly recommended you set auto play to Off

Bootstrap is a common libary used on millions of webpage and may already be included in your website/webpage. Our free player makes use of Bootstrap to handel the players responsivness

Font Awesome is another type of libary used for the play and stop buttons. Learn more about Font Awesome

The free player has a 100% Responsive Design meaning it will fit nicely on any screen size. As long as you are on a standard computer or max and are able to drag your browser window big to small you can easily test and see how the player changes share as you make the browser larger/smaller.


Audio Tag

In the final code above, the section that actually plays the stream is the <audio> tag.
In the below player/code, we include the term "controls" to display it. Since this is not the best looking player, we can hide it and use the play/stop font awesonm icons instead.

Learn more about the HTML5 Audio Element

Player Responsivness

Responsive means everything on the web page including the player should fit nicely reguardless of the users screen size, also when the user device goes from landscape or portrait mode.


When I paste the code into my website, I can see the code but there is no player.
This means you failed to put the code into the <body> tags. If you're using a website builder or a basic text editor, look for a button titled SOURCE or HTML, which will toggle code view and allow you to embed code.

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