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Working Demo

Demo of HTML5 player with AAC+ stream. HTML5 players work cross-browser and multi devices.

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Free HTML5 Player Generator

Nothing to Download - Works with both MP3 and AAC+ streams! Enter your server details in the form to generate your HTML5 Audio code. Watch the You Tube video to learn how to embed the code into a Wordpress page or post. If your using another type of website builder or web editing software, the same methods apply as in the video. If you would like to understand a little more about how HTML5 audio works without having to read a huge tutorial, check out this page

Server=    Autostart=

* IP Address or Hostname note Do NOT include http or www, enter only the ip address or hostname * Port Number
Color :

Mountpoint Mountpoint is optional for SHOUTcast, Required for Icecast

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