Tune In Radio AIR API

The Tune In Radio API is just one of the many features included in each SHOUTcast Widgets package featuring free and instant setup.

tunein radio

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The poular Tune IN API is guaranteed to increase your streams listener base by at least 300%! The magic happens when the currently playing track is listed in users station search in the Tune In mobile app or web directory. If the user likes the current track, not only did you gain a listener, but chances are the user will bookmark your station and return again later!

  • New 2017! Up to 25 Tune In Stations on a Single Account!
  • New 2017! Live API Status
  • New 2017! Set API Live/Standby and view last synced
  • Flood Control
  • View Currently Playing in TuneIn Radio Directory
  • Setup takes seconds
  • Increase your Listener Base by up to 500%
  • Verified by TuneIn Radio and listed on their API Page
  • Works with SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 and Icecast KH - Any Provider!
  • Instant Setup - Be up and running in a few minutes

Tune In Radio Set-Up Instructions

Click Here to visit https://tunein.com/broadcasters/api/ and get your Tune IN API keys

Get Tune In API Keys

SHOUTcast Widgets is packed with dozens of other popular features, tools and auto posters! Already have a website for your online radio station? Display a photo and biogrphy about each artist that plays. Include a HTML5 timeline of current and future shows. Don't have a website yet? SHOUTcast Widgets has a built in website builder featuring resonsive templates, HTML5 web/mobile player and much more all with a easy to use panel and unlimited pages.

Twitter Auto Song Poster

Automatically post the current track every X amount of songs, include custom hashtags and a linkback to your website.

Website Builder

Included is a optional responsive template based website builder with a simple admin interface, text ads and more

Event and DJ Manager

Include a profile for each of your DJs that are also linked to events/shows and displayed in various widgets and the website builder

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