SmartMix uses the powerful Centova Cast API and automatically recreates the playlist based on what the listeners like or dislike. SmartMix will not repeat the same artist within a 40 minute window and will even scan and find similar artist for the really popular tracks! SmartMix learns from the listeners and gets better and better in time and can put your auto dj into overdrive!
Below is the currently playling widget for the demo station You can click on the like or dislike icons to see how it will work on your end. Only the first vote is counted for each visitor.

SmartMix is meant to replace Centova's playlist system and can be used with or without other playlists such as station IDs.

How Does it Work? The track is stored in the DB and give a score depending on if the visitor likes or dis-likes the song.

Depending on the current score of the track, SmartMix will then scan your media files and pull related artists from your Centova media library. SmartMix will then compare and analyze each track based on total score, total amout of tracks in your media library, total amout of votes and several other factors.

SmartMix will also check against the last played tracks (up to 20) to prevent the same artist from replaying in the timeframe.

  • No Repeats of the same artist
  • Fully Automated, re-mixes playlist every 20-40 min
  • Include your ADs or Station ID's in the mix
  • Searches your media for related artists for popular tracks
  • Flood Control - Only the first vote is counted for each visitor

If automation is enabled, SMartMix will automatically re-gnerate a fresh playlist every 20-40 minutes. Your able to quickly re-mix or terminate SmartMix from your SHOUTcast Widgets panel.


SmartMix Set-Up Instructions

Click Here to view complete instructions for Centova Link setup, required for SmartMix

In your Centova Cast Panel, click on Playlists, Create new playlist, title the playlist SMARTMIX, for Type choose Immediate (this is an important step to ensure no repeats and correct ad/station id deliver -- must be in order and not random)

Learn how to set up Centova Link

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