Winter 2020!

Currently in beta, this Bootstrap widget written in jQuery allows you to easily customize with 10 different themes to choose from, choose anywhere from 1-250 results.

  • Your choice of colors, styles and fonts
  • Song history for the last 1 to 250 tracks
  • Enable/Disable Artist Biography
  • Enable/Disable Artist Linkback
  • Makes use of Spotify and Last FM APIs
  • Javascript or IFRAME code

Last Played Tracks Widget

With the Last Played Song Widget your able to easily generate code using any color combination you like! Change the song title color, background & section colors, change styles, limit the amount of song listed and much more! You can easily embed this widget on any website, website builder, blog, etc, automatically refreshes when a new song plays, create multiple widgets to go on different sites and pages with different colors styles for each!

  • Your choice of colors, styles and fonts
  • Song history for the last 1 to 9 tracks
  • Enter your Amazon or 7-Digital Affiliate Code
  • With/Without Song Count
  • Hide Ads and Station IDs
  • Javascript or IFRAME code

500 Track History Station Playlist

We added this hot widget in the cold Winter of 2017/18 and just like the last played tracks widget above, the Station Playlist Widgets allows you to change the colors to any in the spectrum and enter your Amazon affiliate id to earn comission on sales.
The Station Playlist Widget works with both SHOUTcast and Icecast and allows you to adjust the amount of tracks from 10 to 500!

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