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Easy Copy Paste Widgets

It's easy to include our copy/paste widgets into most any website builder, Wordpress, WIX, Weebly, web development software or any application that allows you to embed and paste code into the <SOURCE> or <HTML> of your web page. If your able to embed a You Tube video, our widgets will work! We provide both Javascript and IFrame options to embed along with complete and detailed instructions on how and where to put the code.

Currently Playing Artist Profile Widget

This responsive Bootstrap enabled currently playing track widget features powerful jQuery scripting language, 10 different themes, enable/disable artist biography, tags, related artist, ratings by Spotify, up to 2 different artist images, enable/disable listener list and more. Comes with IFRAME and javascript options (sample code at bottom of page)
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Currently Playing Widget

IFRAME Example

Multiple Themes

Choose from 10+ different themes for the currently playing widget. Quickly build your custom widgets with our easy to use code generator.

jQuery Example


Test on Your Website!

The code below is for the Responsive Currently Playing Track with Artist Widget. Simply copy/paste the below code into your website or blog, you may need to toggle the SOURCE, or HTML view of your text editor.


Javascript Code The best option is JavaSript, or in this case jQuery featuring error free, no conflict coding to ensure our widgets don't interfere with each other or anything else on your website.

Sample IFRAME Code

IFRAME Code Works in just about any browser, both mobile and standard sizes, and is a fairly common way to embed content from a remote site/application. However, IFRAME code does not work in mobile application development for Android or iPhone, it's recommended you use the JAVA SCRIPT code in these situations.

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