UPDATE JAN 2021 Google Chrome and Firefox SSL Restriction This covers the new Google Chrome SSL issue where non SSL streams are not being played as of Feb 2020 HTTP to HTTPS STREAM CONVERTER

Secure Streams

Get rid of SSL warnings in Chrome and other browsers with our HTTP to HTTPS stream converter. Included with all SHOUTcast Widgets packages, this powerful utility works in the background and acts as a proxy to deliver your SHOUTcast v1, v2 or Icecast stream in full HTTPS error free.

Our conversion method converts the entire SHOUTcast or Icecast DNAS, not just the stream! Take advantage of the new Target Spot agreement with SHOTUcast to run audio ads on your station and earn $$.

secure shoutcast stream

SSL Secure Links

HTTP to HTTPS Listen Links (mp3 or aac)

google chrome ssl warning

Need to change servers? SHOUTcast Widgets not only lets you switch streams with a single click, but store a unlimited amount of streams/servers that can be placed on standby, or included in your network. Your custom SSL link is permanate and instantly created/updated upon payment.

  • Removes SSL Browser Errors
  • Raw .mp3 link provided
  • Update ip/host, port and mountpoint in seconds, your SSL link never changes
  • .mp3 works in just about any player on the web and is the most common audio format
  • Also includes ssl links already built in to popular aftermarket players.
  • Includes new SHOUTcast cache cleaner that automatically reloads player with fresh content each play
  • Works with SHOUTcast v1, v2 and Icecast - any provider
  • Works with any stream format (ie mp3, aac+)

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