Talk Live on Auto Dj

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We and have made it possible to Talk Live Over Auto Dj

SHOUTcast Widgets combined with Centova v3 now allows you to talk live on auto dj! Broadcast your voice or any input right from your browser with no software required! Inform your listeners of breaking news/weather, host a talk show, introduce the next song, with SHOUTcast Widgets Centova Link, this is now posible!

  • Requires Centova v3.x
  • Talk between songs
  • Introduce the next song
  • Preview Option
Discusion Order

Centova Cast Integration DOCS

Learn how to link your SHOUTcast Widgets panel with Centova v3
1. In Centova v3, create a new playlist titled "live", Type=immediate, order=sequential
2. In Centova v3, create a new folder "live" (ie. media/live)
3. In SHOUTcast Widgets, Server Settings, enter your Centova username, panel port(2199) & default folder (/media)


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