WHMSonic Auto Dj

tunein radio

WHMSonic Auto Dj is a unique cPanel Plugin that allows you to set up a unlimited amount of dj's, provide each their own username/password to connect to your stream. WHMSonic detects when a live dj connects and will automatically switch from auto dj to live broadcast, if timed right the listener does not even know your stream went live! When the dj is finished, he/she simply disconnects, WHMSonic will automatically go back to the auto dj and wait for the next dj!

  • Easily Create FlashPlayers and Player Links
  • Setup AutoDJ's with AAC+ or MP3 encoder
  • Supports Flashplayer, Mediaplayer, Quicktime, RealPlayer, and Winamp, Windows Media
  • Intro-Backup Feature
  • Relay Features
  • Assign Unique Logins to All of your DJ's
  • View Daily, Weekly & Monthly Stats
  • DJ's Easily Connect - WHMSonic Detects Live Source & Switches Automatically
  • WHMSonic Sound Filter HD radio revolution

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